7 Things to give up to be successful

Is there really a formula for success?

At one point or another we all consider our life and career choices. I know growing up and doing odd jobs, money–or having a lot of it– was always a challenge. I once did a funny summer job passing out flyers. It was fun and i was young, however at $5 an hour, well you can do the math. Now this was about 20 years ago, but still not a lot of money.

As I got older and got into other gigs, the one common theme was how do i get rich? how do i make the money that would change my life? Let’s be honest, we all want to be successful but its extremely challenging to know where to start, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I remember driving down the street in my beat-up Honda prelude and pulling up to a brand new Benz and always wondering, what it was that the person next to me did for a living? what do they know that i don’t?

Well after years of odd jobs and struggles, i started to mature up and learn from others and people around me. I soon realized that there were certain behaviors successful people embodied that i lacked. This wasn’t because they were better or smarter, well maybe a little smarter 🙂 but it was as set of rules, disciplines, and fundamental behaviors that got them closer to their goals; so I did what any smart person would do, and i started to COPY and MIMICK those same behaviors.

Here’s an awesome article on things NOT TO DO!

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