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Benchmark Group, LLC is an international marketing firm providing services to multiple companies including some Fortune 500 companies. We currently operate in over 10 states and 3 provinces servicing over 1.5 million customers and we are looking to continue to expand our footprint throughout the US.

Here is why the Energy Industry continues to be a leading contender:


There’s never been a better time to be in the energy business. Electricity and Natural gas are something we all use and need and consumers are always looking to save money and become more energy independent. Moreover, energy rates have been steadily climbing over the past decade. By joining Benchmark Group of Companies you’ll have the opportunity to make a six-figure income, more importantly, help customers while doing it.


  • We are a leading sales organization that focuses on Retail Energy Industry and energy-related products.
  • Residential fixed-rate electricity products
  • Residential fixed-rate gas products
  • Commercial gas and electricity products
  • Residential solar products
  • Residential Heating and Cooling products.
  • Residential attic insulation products.
  • Residential water filtration products.
  • Unlimited earnings potential with no earnings caps.
  • We are a leading provider of Green and Renewable Energy Products.
  • Accelerated career advancement path
  • Training and coaching provided along the way
  • Seeking Independent Business Owner with existing sales teams or the ability to coach and train new recruits.
  • Make an average of $1200-$2000 a week as a Team Lead with additional advancement opportunities. 


We Offer:


  • Weekly pay & bonuses
  • Sales override on the sales and performance of your team.
  • Leadership development program.
  • hands-on training with the industry’s best leaders.
  • Competitive compensation with no commission caps.
  • Full hands-on training & Expert training provided.
  • Opportunity for advancement.
  • Excellent working environment.
  • Exceptional Bonuses and travel incentives.

Your Role:


  • Manage and lead the outside sales team
  • Teams sizes will vary from 3 agents up to 40-50 agents. There are no caps.
  • Train new agents on products Benchmark sells.
  • Train and mentor existing agents.
  • Conduct interviews for potential new hires from time to time.
  • Actively recruit new sales agents.
  • Conduct in-depth training and orientations.
  • You will meet with residential and commercial customers to discuss their electricity plans.
  • Enroll customers in our fixed-price energy plans and help them take control of their bills.
  • Work with your direct team and team leads to achieve collective goals.
  • Travel with your team from time to time to surrounding towns.
  • Promote additional company products and services.

Team leads with existing teams. Ask us about our signing bonus. Earn up to $20,000.00!

If you are a positive, enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated individual and loves talking to people,



Or call us at 469.399.0445 to schedule an interview.

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Unlimited Earning Potential

With our competitive pay structure and robust product offerings, you have the opportunity for unlimited earnings.

Moreover, we have NO CAPS ON COMMISSIONS EARNED.  The harder you work, the more your own.

Lastly, our product offerings in the energy landscape will guarantee we will be in business for a very long time. Benchmark Group of Companies focuses on Energy Contracts, Solar programs, HVAC, and other energy-related products. The products we offer will always be in demand.

Stability and Security

Let’s face it, with the current economy and having to deal with a pandemic, a lot of businesses are downsizing or closing their doors.

We’ve grown and continue to grow regardless of the economy or anything else that happens in the landscape. Everyone needs energy, and everyone can use some more control over their bills. We are here to help and you have the opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity.

There is nothing more stable and secure than knowing your products and services offerings will never go away!

Win, Win, and Win

Yes, you read it right. Win-Win.

To our customers:

We offer products and services that allow them to budget, have more control, and peace of mind that they can predict and control their energy usage and their environmental impact.

To our team:

Unlimited earning potential, career advancement, and a winning culture that promotes personal and professional growth. We want to partner up with you for a long sustainable, viable and period of time. Your success is our success.

For the environment:

Whether we offer our customers solar systems, high-efficient HVAC products, or fixed-rate energy products, the environmental impact is at the forefront of our thinking.  We have the ability to help consumers increase their comfort, decrease their usage, and have a positive impact on the environment.

Career Advancement

We are always in search of the next superstar. Our business growth is fueled and modeled after individuals growing with us. If you advance, we have all advanced as a business.

Our sole focus is to get every individual that partners up with us to the point of running their own team and multiple offices with Benchmark Group of Companies.

If you feel you’ve always had a knack for leadership but had not had the opportunity, you’re in the right place.

Our Offices

With a North American footprint, we have offices in multiple States and Provinces and are ready to grow our team. 



Texas, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ontario.  

Perks & Benefits

“Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”

― Mark Twain

Competitive Pay

We believe in maximum reward, for maximum effort. 0 Commission and Transaction caps. The harder you work, the more you earn. We think you might like that.

Production Bonus Program

Sales and Sales related opportunities are more than just a paycheck. We have a robust compensation plan that ensures a competitive environment and puts maximum dollars in your pocket.


Career Advancement

You don’t build a business and then add the people. You add and build around the people, and you have a business. What we are not offering is a get-rich-quick-scheme. We will invest in every individual to ensure they can grow within our platform. Nonnegotiable.

Incentive Trips

Work doesn’t have to be boring. Love your job for your job to love you back. 

Work hard and play harder. Annual incentive trips to beautiful destinations around the world. 

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