Cole Barton

Regional Distributor

A Visionary Leader Committed to Empowering Success

Meet Cole Barton, a remarkable Regional Distributor whose journey from humble beginnings to leadership roles exemplifies unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for empowering others.

Education and Work History:

Cole Barton's pursuit of excellence began with a high school graduation from Allen High School, followed by two years of education at Collin College. He embarked on his professional journey at Target, where his exceptional leadership qualities garnered recognition, including the prestigious "Nominated Recognition Award" and the esteemed "Spotlight Award." Whole Foods recognized his talent and recruited him, where he thrived for a remarkable six years as both the "Grocery Executive Team Lead" and the "Food and Beverage Executive Team Lead." Now, as a Regional Distributor at Benchmark GOC, Cole embraces the opportunity to drive the company's growth and success.  

Skills and Expertise:

Cole Barton's expertise lies in effective leadership. With an innate ability to manage diverse personalities, he excels at multitasking, fostering accountability, delivering impactful training programs, and quickly adapting to new challenges. Cole's strong competitive drive fuels his pursuit of excellence, and he continuously strives to develop and implement effective systems that propel businesses forward.

Accolades and Milestones:

Throughout his distinguished career, Cole has received numerous accolades for his exceptional contributions. Notably, he has been honored with the esteemed "Prestige" award at Whole Foods on two occasions, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to excellence. His outstanding achievements extend to Target, where he earned accolades such as the "Nominated Recognition Award" and consistently achieved the top-rated Starbucks designation. At Benchmark, Cole was awarded the prestigious "Benchmark Award" in recognition of his remarkable performance. These accolades serve as a constant reminder of his driving force and unwavering dedication.

Interests and Values:

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cole Barton is an individual with diverse interests and hobbies. He finds joy in playing the guitar, participating in sports like soccer, football, wrestling, and MMA, and indulging in his love for comics. Guided by a strong set of values, Cole firmly believes in hard work and treating others with respect, a principle he upholds in every aspect of his life.

Specializations and Differentiators:

Cole specializes in leading and guiding teams, going beyond problem-solving to empower individuals to overcome adversity and achieve greatness. His unique ability to make challenging decisions, ensuring the success of others while ensuring the growth and prosperity of the business, sets him apart from his peers.

Personal Story and Beliefs:

Cole's personal journey is rooted in humble beginnings, having grown up in a single-income household with five sisters and limited financial resources. These experiences instilled in him an unyielding drive to create a better life for himself and future generations. He believes that challenges are opportunities for growth and that by approaching life with positivity and love, one can attract the same energy from the universe.
Cole Barton is a visionary leader who constantly strives for excellence, inspires others to achieve their full potential, and leaves an indelible mark on the organizations he serves. Join him on his journey of success, empowerment, and making a positive impact.