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Client Services

Brand Awareness

Whether you are a startup or have been in business for a while. We stand ready to spread the word. That’s right, our team will represent your brand and effectively communicate your value proposition to prospective customers.


B2B Marketing

Our team of seasoned, professional B2B sales representatives is here to represent your organization. With years of experience in the industry, we are positioned to represent you to potential clients and deliver the highest results.


B2C Marketing

We live in a connected and digital world, however, the human touch is still as powerful if not more. Our Face-to-Face approach will get you and your organization in front of potential customers and we will passionately and diligently represent your organization.


Retail Marketing

Our retail marketing team is ready and eager to meet your needs. Pop-up locations? We’ve got you. Kiosks? Yes, we can do that too. From Trade shows to retail events, we’ve got you covered.


Partner Services

B2B Energy Campaigns

B2B marketing professionals WANTED!
Get in touch with our team to get access to our robust relationship in the commercial landscape and build your team and business.

Businesses all across North America are looking for more options. We are here to offer that flexibility to you and your clients.


B2C Energy Campaigns

Attention all Direct Sales Teams. Connect with us to get access to Face-to-Face, retail, and events campaigns.

Industry-leading compensation and product offerings. We want to hear from you.


B2C Solar Campaigns

In case you missed it; Solar and sustainable energy is the future, and the future is here.

Grow your Solar business with Benchmark and help thousands of homeowners and businesses across North America become energy independent.

Lastly, take advantage of this amazing and lucrative opportunity to grow your footprint


B2C HVAC Campaigns

If you are or have sold Home Improvement Products and Services, you’re in the right place.

Get access to reputable residential HVAC products to offer to your existing and potential customers.


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