Evelyn Bonilla

Sr. Regional Recruiter

A Dedicated Sr. Recruiting Manager Focused on Success

A highly motivated and experienced Sr. Recruiting Manager. Evelyn is dedicated to driving success by creating high-volume candidate ads, managing budgets, exploring new recruitment resources, and enhancing the interview process to attract top talent. They also provide unwavering support to colleagues and sales agents, ensuring their satisfaction and success.

Background and Education:

Evelyn Bonilla graduated from Woodside High School and completed a two-year course at Cañada College. With a strong educational foundation, Evelyn has excelled in their professional career, making significant contributions to notable companies. 

Work Experience:

Evelyn worked as a recruiter at Just Energy for their San Bruno and Walnut Creek offices from 2015 to 2019. They have been under the supervision of Jahan since 2015. Evelyn played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the student college project at Just Energy. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in rebuilding offices in California.

Skills and Expertise:

Evelyn Bonilla possesses a wide range of skills and expertise crucial to their role as a Sr. Recruiting Manager. Their key strengths include recruiting, budget management, resource acquisition, interview process improvement, and providing exceptional support to colleagues and sales agents.

Achievements and Awards:

Evelyn's outstanding performance has been recognized with notable accolades. They have been honored with the Recruiter of the Year award twice, once with Just Energy and another with Benchmark. Additionally, Evelyn achieved a trip qualification within their first six months at Just Energy.


Evelyn's professional journey is marked by significant milestones. They progressed from being a recruiter for a single office to becoming a national recruiter. Evelyn also played a crucial role in the successful rebuilding of offices in California.

Passion and Values:

Beyond their professional endeavors, Evelyn Bonilla values spending quality time with their family. Their passion lies in continuously seeking ways to enhance the recruiting department, showcasing their dedication to ongoing improvement.
Respect, loyalty, integrity, and honesty form the core values that guide Evelyn's actions and decisions. These principles are fundamental to their approach in both personal and professional aspects of life.

Unique Selling Points:

Evelyn's specialization lies in the field of recruiting, which they consider not just a profession but a way of life. Their extensive knowledge and experience set them apart in the industry, ensuring they deliver exceptional results.

Personal Touch:

Evelyn's work ethic stems from their upbringing in a family where hard work was ingrained as a fundamental value. Witnessing their family's dedication to multiple jobs has instilled a strong work ethic in Evelyn, shaping their commitment to excellence.

Personal Philosophy:

Evelyn Bonilla's personal philosophy revolves around the belief that hard work is not just a choice but a necessity for success. Their unwavering dedication and drive to deliver outstanding results reflect their commitment to this philosophy.
Evelyn Bonilla's journey and dedication exemplify their role as a Sr. Recruiting Manager. Join them in their quest for excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement in the world of recruiting.